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Pets of the Week
Dog LAGER: Neutered male, Chocolate Lab mix, 8 mos., handsome gentle guy who just wants to please.

CatSILVER: Neutered male long hair, beautiful silver with striking amber eyes, used to dogs, loves to be petted in your lap.

No More Homeless Pets Network Partner

Hot Springs Village Animal Welfare League has been activated as a No More Homeless Pets Network Partner! Best Friends created the No More Homeless Pets Network (NMHP Network) to work with rescue organizations and shelters around the country that are reducing euthanasia rates and saving lives in their communities.

The following links show a summary of our organization's statistics, and calculates an overall save rate for the reporting period.
     December 2013
     January 2014
     February 2014
     March 2014
     April 2014

Desoto Dog Park

The mission of the Desoto Dog Park is to establish a gated, off-leash dog park for well behaved dogs to exercise in a clean, safe environment. In 2012, the Hot Springs Village Friends of the Dog Park was established to create this park and include volunteers from existing property owners, POA board members, and dog lovers. Check out their website at Desoto Dog Park.

Medical Alert!

UPDATE July 23rd.

Waggin Wheel has sent a total of eight samples to Idexx Laboratories for testing. One sample tested positive for Parinfluenza and two tested positive for Mycoplasma. The doctor at Idexx seems to believe it is a mutation or hybrid of one of the canine flus or a new strain since nothing else has tested positive. Waggin Wheel closed their kennels this past Monday at Idexx's suggestion. Idexx recommended they keep kennels closed for two weeks so the organism will not have a host and will die in that time period. Waggin Wheel will reopen their kennels on Monday, August 4th. The clinic is doing extra cleaning/disinfecting during this time period and has a local company coming in to the fog the hospital with a product that is used in human hospitals and doctor's offices.

Please keep in mind if you have a sick dog, you should consult with your veterinarian and not expose your dog to other pets.

On June 26th, AWL reported that a highly contagious cough has affected several dogs in the Village. A local vet has treated 40 dogs so far. The symptoms are a hacking persistent cough followed by vomiting in some cases. The organism has not been identified yet as viral or bacterial. It is important the dog gets to the vet as soon as possible after symptoms start so a sample can be taken for identification. The illness is transmitted to clothing and airborne, so for the next few weeks for safety avoid contact with other dogs and wash clothing thoroughly if you come in contact with other dogs. Waggin' Wheel has taken extra precautions in their boarding and grooming areas to protect the dogs in their care. Contact your vet as soon as symptoms appear. More information will be sent as it becomes available.

About Us

The Hot Springs Village Animal Welfare League (HSV AWL) is located in Hot Springs Village, AR. We are a 501(C) (3) organization which works in conjunction with the HSV Property Owners Association Animal Shelter.

HSV Animal Welfare League Mission Statement
The Hot Springs Village Animal Welfare League is organized for the charitable purpose as a rescue organization whose mission is to place all rescued/surrendered adoptable companion animals into loving homes and to prevent the overpopulation of unwanted animals.

Area Served: We rescue companion animals that are picked up by the Animal Control of the Property Owners Association of Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. Beyond the boundaries of Hot Springs Village, we rescue companion animals from surrounding Arkansas communities.

Memorandum of Understanding with the POA
Articles of Amendment With Restatement (Name Change)

See Kelsey Run


Thank you for your generosity! We have reached our goal in pledges for Kelsey's surgeries and enough to cover her post op treatments! We so appreciate the great support for her and our organization. We will keep everyone updated on her surgery and recovery, posting pictures on Facebook and our website whenever possible! Some have asked what we will do if we receive more than needed. Kelsey will have her own fund and all of her expenses will be paid first. If we have money left over after that, we will replenish the AWL Angel Fund for the next dog or cat that needs extra help. You can read more about our Angel Fund on our Programs page.

Thank you so much! Here's her story:

Kelsey came to us as a stray when she was 10 weeks old. Her two front legs were terribly impaired. Dr. Claire Kelly noticed the problem and put splints on her left leg for a period of 2 weeks. After medication, good quality dog food and calcium tabs twice a day with little change, it was decided to take her to Dr. Dew in Russellville. He is one of a few orthopedic vets in the state and is referred difficult cases by vets throughout the state. He has determined that Kelsey has two different problems: a wrist problem on the right and a ligament problem on the left. These occurred as a result of being dropped or thrown from a car at an early age. Dr. Dew will be able to repair most of the damage, performing both surgeries at the same time. His prognosis for Kelsey's future post-surgery is excellent.

All through this process, Kelsey has displayed a remarkable attitude. She always has a smile on her face even though we know she is in pain. It does not matter if you are a human or one of her animal friends, you will get many kisses from her. She has never met a stranger and makes friends immediately.

Kelsey is currently being lovingly cared for in a foster home here in Hot Springs Village and will be available for adoption after her recovery from surgery.

See Kelsey's Progress

Adoption Hours and Location

Monday - Saturday
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Closed Sundays and holidays

HSV Adoption Center
195 Cloaca Lane
Hot Springs Village, AR 71909
Directions from the East Gate (Hwy 5)
Directions from the West Gate (Hwy 7)

P.O. Box 8032
Hot Springs Village, AR 71910-8032

Lily Alert

The Lily Alert is named for the standard poodle, Lily, who was lost and missing for several weeks before being found, due in part to many efforts by AWL members. The Lily Alert was initiated to step up the efforts to locate missing pets.

If a pet is missing, immediately call animal control at 922-6547. To expand the coverage, call the AWL at 915-9337 and ask to participate in the Lily Alert program. The volunteer on duty will instruct the pet owner as to the procedures involved. Once initiated, the pet’s description and contact information will go out to AWL membership by E-blast and website. Pet registration with the POA will increase the potential for a happy ending!

Lost and Found Pets

LOST pets: Contact POA Animal Control at 922-6547, and then call the Animal Welfare League at 915-9337 for additional help finding your pet. We will help you publicize the pet in the Village and give you other tips on finding your pet.

FOUND pets: These pets are admitted to Animal Control or rescued through other community sources and may be someone’s lost pets. Their photos are posted, so please contact Animal Control if you may be the owner or have information that may help reunite a pet with its owner: 922-6547.

Photos are posted in the Animal Welfare League’s Lost and Found Album.